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Retrieve a map of Skåne and inserting it in a document

Copying and Inserting an Image

The following example uses the word processor MS Word or OpenOffice Writer (PC) and Firefox web browser.

  • Find the link Open Streetmap under the heading Sweden, found in Geographical Data > For Everyone, and click on it.
  • Choose a zoom level so you can see the whole area of interest (here Skåne).
  • Choose Export in the upper part of the map window.
  • Choose to Manually select a different area
  • Select the area of interest
  • At Format to Export choose Map Image
  • At Options choose e.g. JGP and type the value 1000000 at Scale (Appropriate for an A4 map)
  • Click on Export
  • Choose Save file and choose an appropriate place at your choice.
  • Open your text (e.g. Word) document, and place the cursor where you want the map of Skåne.
  • From the Insert menu, choose Picture > From file and select your previously saved image.


Editing Alternatives for an Image

By right-clicking on a picture, a drop-down menu will appear with a number of functions. These are similar in the two word processors.


Show picture toolbar To edit contrast, brightness, colors and more.

Borders and Shading To format/add borders and frames.

Caption To give your picture a name.

Format picture Set the picture’s layout in the document.





Adding Objects to a Map

  • You can add your own information to the map by using the drawing tools available in the Drawing toolbar. (If the drawing toolbar is not yet visible, activate it trough menu View > Toolbars > Drawing.)
  • Choose the tool to draw arrows Rita pil available in the drawing toolbar.
  • To point out a location on a map with an arrow, do as follows: click where you want the tail of the arrow to start and drag the cursor to the location you want to point out. By thereafter moving the small white boxes at each end of the arrow, you can change its size and/or orientation. If you are not satisfied with the arrow, you can click the undo button Ångra.
  • To insert a travelled route, do as follows: choose the icon Rita linje from the Autoshapes > lines menu (Drawing toolbar).
  • Place the cursor at the beginning of the route, click and hold the mouse button, and draw your trajectory. The line will stop being drawn when you release the mouse button.
  • To change the appearance of the line to, for example, a red dashed line, mark it by clicking on it. Choose red from the color pallet Change color. Choose thereafter the line format Line format and style Line style.
  • You can insert a text box by using the tool Textarea. You insert the box in which you will type your text by left-clicking on the mouse, and while the mouse button pressed, dragging the cursor to create a desired size. Insert the text in the box, and when finished, click outside the box.


This is the resulting image :


Map example Skåne