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Postal address: GIS Centre, Sölvegatan 12, SE-223 62 LUND

Visiting address: Sölvegatan 10

Internal mail: Internal mail 16


Map showing where GIS Centre is situated.


Petter Pilesjö

petter.pilesjo [at] (Petter Pilesjö), Professor

Director,  +46 46 222 96 54

The Director of the GIS Centre.



Karin Larsson

karin.larsson [at] (Karin Larsson), M.Sc.

GIS teacher and GIS advisor,  +46 46 222 40 93

Physical geographer with GIS education as main area of interest.


Lars Harrie

lars.harrie [at] (Lars Harrie), Ph.D.

Associate professor,  + 46 46 222 01 55

Lars is teaching and researching in technical and theoretical aspects of GIS.


Ali Mansourian

Ali Mansourian, Ph.D.

Associate professor,  +46 46 222 17 33

Ali is teaching and researching in technical and theoretical aspects of GIS and Spatial Data Infrastructure.


Andreas Persson


andreas.persson [at] (Andreas Persson), Ph.D.

Researcher and teacher in GIS and Remote sensing,  +46 46 222 42 62

Physical geographer with a special interest in spatially distributed hydrological modelling.


Micael Runnström

micael.runnstrom [at] (Micael Runnström), Ph.D.

GIS and Remote Sensing Teacher,  +46 46 222 00 89

Working with the master's education in GIS over the Internet (LUMA-GIS).


Roger Groth

roger.groth [at] (Roger Groth), M.Sc.

Technical Support in GIS,  +46 46 222 49 63

Working with programming and databases.


Mitch Selander

mitch.selander [at] (Mitch Selander),

Programmer  +46 46 222 49 63

Programming, databases, software support, technical support and teaching.






Mohammadreza.rajabi [at] (Mohammadreza Rajabi Gurandani)

PhD student, +46 46 222 39 45

My research is within simulating the socio-ecological interaction of various components of an epidemic using agent based modelling techniques and machine learning methods. Our approach is to provide a logical basis for the preventive measures of healthcare authorities.  I am also interested in spatial modelling of different environmental phenomena using artificial intelligence techniques in GIS.



helen.eriksson [at] (Helen Eriksson)


My research is about harmonisation of geographic data. Our first study focus on the techniques for and consequences of using INSPIRE extensions. The approach is to create a complex INSPIRE extension and then evaluate the use of it from a user and a data provider perspective.

olive.niyomubyeyi [at] (Olive Niyomubyeyi)



yanzi.yan [at] (Yanzi Yan)



fabien.rizinjirabake [at] (Fabien Rizinjirabake)



pearl.mzobea [at] (Pearl Mzobe)



Weiming Huang at GIS Centre

weiming.huang [at] (Weiming Huang)



augustus.aturinde [at] (Augustus Aturinde)




george.oriangi [at] (George Oriangi)




sebastian.howe [at] (Sebastian Howe)

Internship, System developer






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